July 05, 2017
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What are Orthodontic Records?

When Orthodontic treatment (braces) is indicated the first step is taking records. These include plaster models of the dentition, clinical photos, and x-rays. This appointment takes about an hour.

  Pictures are taken of your face and teeth, full frontal and in profile.

 Models are taken of your teeth to show us the position of all your teeth in relation to each other and the jaws.

 X-rays are taken as well. A panoramic x-ray is taken to see the development of all the teeth. Another X-ray called a Cephalometric X-ray is taken. This radiograph shows the relations between the bones of your jaw. Computerized measurements are taken on these x-rays. These help us to determine growth patterns in children, plan the correct treatment, predict treatment outcome, and evaluate progress.

After the dentist reviews all the information, he will be able to determine the correct treatment for you.

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panoramic xray- for braces