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Back to school tips

At Norfolk Family & Pediatric Dentistry we are excited for all the children starting a new school year. Here are some tips for keeping your children’s teeth healthy.  

Snacks: Sugary and starchy snacks (i.e. potato chips, chocolate chip granola bars etc.) should be limited to once a day. The snack sticks to the teeth and the starch breaks down into sugar. That sugar feeds the bacteria that cause cavities.

Juice should be drunk during meal times and not between meals. Juice is high sugar and acidic, the vitamins from the fruits and/or vegetables are more readily available when eaten fresh. It is best to drink water or flavored seltzer between meals.

Mouth guards:  Football and hockey players are mandated to wear mouth guards. Injuries to the mouth and teeth can occur from getting hit by a baseball or soccer ball as well. It is recommended to have your child wear a mouth guard for any sport they play, especially if their front teeth are tilted outward.

Brushing: In the morning rush to get to school on time, tooth brushing is sometimes forgotten. It is important for children to develop healthy habits, so brushing their teeth before school should be as natural as brushing their hair or washing their face in the morning.  If in a rush it is a better to brush for a minute than not brush at all. Before bed when this is more time, have your child brush for 2 minutes and floss.

Checkups: 20% of children aged 5-11 have at least one tooth with untreated decay. Dental pain is one of the reasons children miss school. Make sure your child sees a dentist for routine checkups every 6 months to prevent dental pain and missed days of school. Prevention with fluoride applications and sealants can help improve the risk of cavities. 

Call (508)850-6992 today for a checkup, to prevent missed school days. May everyone have a great school year!