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By Norfolk Family & Pediatric Dentistry
December 22, 2017
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Caring for your child's smile is a privilege and a responsibility. At Norfolk Family & Pediatric Dentistry, we take your youngster's oral health pediatric dentistryvery seriously and partner with you, the parents, in maintaining a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Your pediatric dentist in Norfolk, Dr. Shabtai Sapir, is highly trained and experienced in pediatric dentistry. Alongside general dentist Dr. Minda Sapir, they offer a comprehensive list of preventive, restorative and cosmetic services, you can trust them with your child's well-being.

What we offer

At Norfolk Family & Pediatric Dentistry, the doctors and their team offer an amazing range of services, beginning when your little one gets his or her first baby tooth. Preventive exams and hygienic cleanings are gentle, careful and thorough, watching for gum disease, decay, dental bite development and alignment issues.

And, each service offered is fear-free, accomplished in a child-centered, fun atmosphere. The dental team offers state of the art sedation options, too, for complex restorative procedures and to ease the nervous or special needs child.

Included in the list of treatments are:

  • Oral exams, hygienic cleanings and digital X-rays
  • Braces (initial evaluation happens by age seven as advised by the American Association of Orthodontists)
  • Plastic sealants to coat and protect deeply grooved molars from decay
  • In-office fluoride treatments to prevent cavities and reduce dental sensitivity
  • Dental crowns to even bite or save damaged teeth
  • Laser Dentistry- Tongue ties and Frenectomies
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Tooth-colored fillings to restore decayed teeth seamlessly
  • Composite resin bonding to repair chips, small gaps and cracks

What's most important

Of course, your Norfolk pediatric dentist always supports the healthy eating and oral health care habits taught in the home. These include:

  • Offering (and modeling) a tooth-friendly diet (fruits, vegetables, plenty of water, dairy products for calcium and lean meats for protein)
  • Brushing and flossing children's teeth for them until they have the dexterity and discipline to do it independently
  • Supervising the oral hygiene habits of older children
  • Making sure children wear mouth guards when playing sports (including running and other non-contact activities)

We can help

Together, you and the team at Norfolk Family & Pediatric Dentistry can keep your children smiling for years. If you have any questions or concerns about your youngster's oral health, or if there's a dental emergency, please contact the office right away at (508) 850-6992.

Show our soldiers some appreciation. Feel free to add a picture or letter for our troops to add to the candy. We will be donating Oral hygiene products as well. Call (508)850-6992 for hours and detials.

By Norfolk Family & Pediatric Dentistry
October 04, 2017
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How sedation dentistry from your Norfolk dentist can help yousedation dentistry

Visiting the dentist is one of the most important things you can do to protect the health of your smile and your overall health. So, what do you do if you are afraid of the dentist? How do you overcome that fear? Sedation dentistry may be the answer! Dr. Minda Sapir and Dr. Shabtai Sapir at Norfolk Pediatric & Family Dentistry in Norfolk, MA want to share the facts about how sedation dentistry can help provide a comfortable, relaxing experience at the dentist.

Being afraid of the dentist is a common occurrence for many people, especially children. Dental anxiety, as it is called, can stem from a bad previous experience at the dentist, childhood fears, the noises and smells in a dental office, leaning back in the dental chair, and many other causes. Whatever the cause of your dental fears, your dental anxiety needs to be dealt with. It isn’t “all in your head.”

The first step is discussing with your dentist what it is that makes you afraid. Great communication is so important in dealing with dental fears. After your dentists know what bothers you, they can make the appropriate recommendations about sedation measures, including:

Inhaled nitrous oxide delivered through a mask if you want to feel mildly relaxed during your appointment; once the mask with the nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture is removed, the effects dissipate and you will feel completely attentive.

Oral sedation if you want to be mildly or moderately relaxed during your appointment. You will feel relaxed and drowsy, but still will be responsive to questions. The effects of oral sedation can remain for several hours, so it is important to bring someone with you to drive you home.

Intravenous sedation takes immediate effect. You will be drowsy during your appointment and may not remember much. The desired amount of sedation can be controlled for optimal effects.

Now you can overcome your fear of the dentist, saving you stress, time and money, because your dentist can get more necessary treatment completed in one appointment. For more information about dental anxiety and sedation dentistry call Dr. Minda Sapir and Dr. Shabtai Sapir at Norfolk Pediatric & Family Dentistry in Norfolk, MA today!

Back to school tips

At Norfolk Family & Pediatric Dentistry we are excited for all the children starting a new school year. Here are some tips for keeping your children’s teeth healthy.  

Snacks: Sugary and starchy snacks (i.e. potato chips, chocolate chip granola bars etc.) should be limited to once a day. The snack sticks to the teeth and the starch breaks down into sugar. That sugar feeds the bacteria that cause cavities.

Juice should be drunk during meal times and not between meals. Juice is high sugar and acidic, the vitamins from the fruits and/or vegetables are more readily available when eaten fresh. It is best to drink water or flavored seltzer between meals.

Mouth guards:  Football and hockey players are mandated to wear mouth guards. Injuries to the mouth and teeth can occur from getting hit by a baseball or soccer ball as well. It is recommended to have your child wear a mouth guard for any sport they play, especially if their front teeth are tilted outward.

Brushing: In the morning rush to get to school on time, tooth brushing is sometimes forgotten. It is important for children to develop healthy habits, so brushing their teeth before school should be as natural as brushing their hair or washing their face in the morning.  If in a rush it is a better to brush for a minute than not brush at all. Before bed when this is more time, have your child brush for 2 minutes and floss.

Checkups: 20% of children aged 5-11 have at least one tooth with untreated decay. Dental pain is one of the reasons children miss school. Make sure your child sees a dentist for routine checkups every 6 months to prevent dental pain and missed days of school. Prevention with fluoride applications and sealants can help improve the risk of cavities. 

Call (508)850-6992 today for a checkup, to prevent missed school days. May everyone have a great school year!


July 05, 2017
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What are Orthodontic Records?

When Orthodontic treatment (braces) is indicated the first step is taking records. These include plaster models of the dentition, clinical photos, and x-rays. This appointment takes about an hour.

  Pictures are taken of your face and teeth, full frontal and in profile.

 Models are taken of your teeth to show us the position of all your teeth in relation to each other and the jaws.

 X-rays are taken as well. A panoramic x-ray is taken to see the development of all the teeth. Another X-ray called a Cephalometric X-ray is taken. This radiograph shows the relations between the bones of your jaw. Computerized measurements are taken on these x-rays. These help us to determine growth patterns in children, plan the correct treatment, predict treatment outcome, and evaluate progress.

After the dentist reviews all the information, he will be able to determine the correct treatment for you.

To find out more about Braces  and clear aligners call Dr. Shabtai Sapir (508)850-6992 at Norfolk Family & Pediatric Dentistry today.

panoramic xray- for braces

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