Patient Testimonials

Patients receive individualized attention at our practice, these are some of the things that have been written about us:

Ashley G. - Norfolk ,MA                                                                                                                                                                                        I am so happy I found this place!  My son is on the autism spectrum and it was his first dental experience, so I was a little nervous about how things would go. Dr. Sapir was amazing with him and let him check out every bit of equipment and made him feel really comfortable before his cleaning.  He even made my son a balloon animal when he was finished.  How cool is that?

Marieanne B.- Millis, MA I sought out a new dentist after being treated like just a number at one of the area dental chains. I have an immense amount of dental anxiety. I’m so grateful I found Norfolk Family and Pediatric Dentistry. I was treated with kindness, care and compassion. Everyone in the office is a delight. Dr. Minda Sapir was the most thorough dentist I have seen and I feel like I never truly received a whole comprehensive exam until Norfolk Family and Pediatric Dentistry. I had several cavities and a very difficult root canal that had to be done. The amount of time she spent with me you can tell she wants what’s best for you. Dr. Sapir made me feel safe and happy not guilty or ashamed with coming up with a treatment plan. If you are looking for truly personalized care search no further! All around wonderful place. Also, Dr. Minda Sapir’s husband is a pediatric dentist and I have never heard so much fun and laughter! I am so happy to be a patient at this amazing practice.

Hiedi S-  Attelboro, MA                                                                                                                                                                                      So caring. We had laser surgery for our 7 month old and if we were concerned about his healing we messaged him and he called back immediately. Highly recommended   

Stacy K. -Millis, MA                                                                                                                                                                                    Simply put, the absolute best!! Dr. Minda is so wonderful. I wish I had her as a dentist sooner!!  Her staff is amazing and friendly. She's personable and makes the visits enjoyable (yes, even while she's cleaning my teeth!). Family owned and it shows! The pride and care they have for their office and especially their practice sets them apart.

Diedre P. -Norfolk, MA We are so happy we switched over to Norfolk Family & Pediatric Dentistry!  The office is clean, friendly and welcoming. We’ve always been seen right away once we arrive. The kids feel comfortable and the balloon animals at the end are a big hit for them. They are great about explaining everything from dental procedures to insurance. Overall this office is fantastic.


Stacy B.- Norfolk, MA
All 4 of my kids Love it here! We have had to have extensive work done on a couple of my kids. Up until we found Dr. Sapir, it had been a nightmare. Both Dr. Sapir's are wonderful and easy to work with. Even for the regular cleaning they make my kids feel comfortable and at ease. They do not just shuffle you in and out without explaining everything and going above and beyond to make sure my kids are good. I am not a review writing person but this place is worth it!


Matt L. -North Attleboro, MA
When I found out the genetic disorder that I was born with was passed to my daughter, I was heartbroken. I know the ordeal and parade of dentists that I had gone through and hated to think what she would have to endure. I searched for experts in the field and found Dr. Shabati Sapir. On Day 1, Dr Sapir knew what needed to be done and explained it thoroughly. He made sure we knew what to expect every step of the way. In 4 short weeks, my daughter was given a beautiful smile and she uses it a lot more than ever before. Seeing her smile would have been enough, but Dr Sapir made sure her future dental health would be a good one. And most importantly, he truly cared that this 11 year old girl would be well taken care of. The whole experience was great and I highly recommend him and the rest of the staff.
Ali C. -Norfolk, MA
I take my 5 and 3 year old sons to this office and have been extremely pleased with the services. Dr Sapir and Dr Mindy are friendly, professional, attentive, helpful and detailed in explaining the treatments/ solutions etc. my kids leave with balloons, toys and stickers after every appointment and are able to watch tv (installed in the ceilings) when they are being treated. This past weekend my son fell off his bike and split his tooth right up the middle. This was on a Friday after the office was closed. I called and left a message for Dr Sapir right after it happened. I spoke with him and Dr. Mindy that night, and was able to text a picture of my sons tooth. Although they were out of town, he said he would see my son Sunday afternoon after getting back in town. My son ended up having his tooth extracted that Sunday. I was more nervous about the procedure than my son was but Dr Sapir and Dr Mindy were amazing in explaining everything to me and of course, my son was totally fine and the procedure was actually rather quick! I feel like this type of service is going above and beyond! Would highly recommend
Brittany M. -Norfolk, MA
Dr. Mindy has tremendously helped me since the first day I went in to the office. My experience started with an urgent call for a problem tooth I had and right away I felt like I had a dentist that I could depend on and that was there to help me. I'm a customer with a great deal of work needed on my teeth and Dr. Mindy has guided me through each step of the way and has made very helpful suggestions to me along the way.


Nancy S,- Medway.MA

Wonderful dentists and staff. I had an awful fear of dentists, and hadn't been to one in a very long time. It took alot to make that first phone call. The minute Dr Minda Sapir answered the phone she put me at ease. After many visits with much patience and understanding I can finally smile again! I can not thank her and her staff enough. Would highly recommend Norfolk Family and Pediatric Dentistry.

Lisa S. - Franklin, MA
My two daughters and I just visited Norfolk Family and Pediatric Dentistry and loved it. The exam rooms are large and fresh feeling with a big sunny window and they have a TV in the ceiling (which my 3 yr old thought was so cool!). Dr. M Sapir made me feel very comfortable and did my entire cleaning. Dr. S Sapir was hysterical and had my 3 yr old cracking up the whole exam. He did a terrific job with my 18 month old too. He took his time to explain things to me after the exam and our home care for the girls is much more effective now!

Josy- Norfolk, MA

"My family and I recently moved to Norfolk and stumble upon an ad in local paper, introducing this lovely practice. Meet Minda and Shabtai. are the most personable , professional dentists you will ever meet! I found them not only extremely knowledgeable and qualified, but also sensitive to the needs of their patients. They offered us real solutions and worked with us on every issue. With 3 children and a crazy schedule, they are extremely accommodating. It's not a struggle taking them to the dentist now that they love going even with many fillings and crossbite issues. I, myself, have had a thorough consult, filling and cleaning thus far, and will pursue implants with them. I find their prices reasonable and quality of care excellent. Look no further.....Norfolk Family Pediatric Dentistry...."Boston dental care in the "suburbs" Signed, Registered Nurse and busy mother of 3"

Katy D.- Franklin, MA

"I would highly recommend Dr. Sapir and Dr. Mindy to anyone looking for a Dentist in the area. They are wonderful with all of my family. My children adore Dr. Shabtai and his wonderful personality. I cannot thank him enough for easing their fears with some work they had done. They always look forward to seeing him for a good laugh. He is absolutely wonderful with children who experience anxiety or any fears with dental procedures. Dr. Shabtai has a plan of care for each patient specifically. Dr. Mindy was wonderful, professional and very thorough with my cleaning as well.I told her I never had a dentist spend so much time with me! Look no further. This is the place. I look forward to many years with Norfolk Family and Pediatric Dental for all of our family needs."

Amie R.-  Millis, MA

"Clean, professional, accommodating and friendly! Nice, honest family practice. My family received exceptional care and I look forward to the continued quality care for years to come!"

Katie I- Norfolk, MA
We love Norfolk Family and Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Sapir interacted fabulously with both my boys (3 and 1) to the point that as we drive by the new, clean and conveniently located building, they comment that Dr. S. is in there! I appreciate that both Dr. Sapir's can help to take care of my entire family's dental health, and do so with warm and welcoming smiles!

Emily J.Medfield, MA

"We had a great family experience here!  My kids (5 and 3) felt right at ease and enjoyed their time with Dr. Shabtai Sapir!   My husband and I equally had a great visit with Dr. Minda Sapir!   The office was state of the art, clean, and very professional.   I would recommend this practice to anyone!"


Andrew V. -Norfolk, MA

"We visited Norfolk Family and Pediatric Dentistry with both of our girls and were treated with the utmost care. Our youngest has been battling a enamel/cavity issue for years now. We have taken Her to a multitude of dentists with little or no improvement . Finally today we were given answers that we had been suspecting all along and a treatment plan that will hopefully last long term. The doctors were extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain the conditions and treatment plans in depth. The atmosphere was very relaxed and for the first time since I can remember the dentist actually came out and spoke to us in the waiting room and treated us like a person instead of a number. They are more concerned with quality care and the wellbeing of their patients So far I have nothing but great things to say!"


Itzik M.   - Sharon, MA

"With the previous dentist ,my daughter simply hated visiting.With Dr Sapir she just loved going to get her treatment!"