When a Root Canal Is Necessary

A root canal is a procedure by which your dentist removes the soft tissue inside your tooth. This is necessary when this tissue at the center of your tooth--called the pulp--becomes infected. It is made up of nerves and blood vessels and these run through pathways, or canals, through the roots of your tooth. That is where the name is derived, as all this connective tissue is removed from the center of your tooth all the way through the roots. This tooth-saving procedure will halt the infection by eliminating it, and also cause the pain to stop. There is a whole lot more to know about root canals and to learn if you require one you can contact your Norfolk, MA, dentists of Norfolk Family & Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Minda Sapir, and Dr. Shabtai Sapir.


Pain is the most common indicator that you may require a root canal. Pain in itself could signal a number of conditions, it could just mean you have a cavity that needs a filling, a previous filling or a crown that needs to be repaired, or even a sinus infection, among others. Whatever the source of your pain it needs to be examined and treated, but if your tooth requires a root canal the pain will be hard to miss, as it's a pain that is severe and will linger for long periods.

Hot and Cold Sensitivity

Similarly to pain symptoms, sensitivity alone is common. Typically you can address very mild sensitivity by switching to a softer toothbrush, a toothpaste for sensitive teeth, and a visit to your dentist's office is still advisable. But if your sensitivity lasts long beyond contact with the hot or cold food, if it turns into pain, then a root canal may be necessary.

Tooth Trauma

When teeth become chipped after an injury, if there's no immediate pain, if there is no nerve damage, then they can usually be restored employing dental bonding, or a veneer. But a chip or a crack that has cut deep into the tooth has a chance of becoming infected, to the point where it will need a root canal to save it.


Gums that are inflamed and tender are a sign of a problem that needs to be treated by your doctor. It could be gum disease, but depending on the severity it could mean your tooth is deeply infected. If you notice a bump on your gums, almost like a pimple in appearance, it can mean that you have a tooth abscess, which can be confirmed with imaging tests. This is a certain sign that a root canal will be needed.

Root Canal Treatment in Norfolk, MA

Don't endure the pain any longer, if you reside around the Norfolk, MA, area, schedule a consultation today by dialing (508) 850-6992 and make an appointment with your Norfolk Family & Pediatric Dentistry professionals, Dr. Minda Sapir and Dr. Shabtai Sapir.

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