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Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Norfolk,MA

These are examples of treatments that we have preformed for patients over the years. Some of them are complex cases, requiring treatment over a period of time, or with collaboration with other specialists. For any questions ,please feel free to contact us.

Before - Teeth with white spots

After- Removal of the white spots with enamel microabrasion and bonding

post stain removal enamel microabrasion

Before- teeth with defective shapes

image of child with broken down tooth needing restoration norfolk ma pediatric dentist

images of esthetic crowns placed by peditric dentist norfolk ma

After- restored with esthetic crowns

image of child needing early orthodontic intervention image after treatment with early intervention orthodontics norfol ma

image of childrens teeth with defects before restoration by pediatric dentist in norfolk ma image of full mouth restoration of defective pediatric teeth

Dental Trauma Before and After Treatment

Before Treatment

During Treatment after front tooth was lost

After Treatment restored with an implant and crown

Before Treatment

During Treatment reerupting the broken tooth

After Treatment ,tooth restored with bonding

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