Smiling Flower. There are many different lasers that can be used in Dentistry. Some are for the teeth, others are for the soft tissue and gums. There are different uses for the different types of laser.

There are a few advantages to using a soft tissue laser. Local anesthetic may be used although there is less pain during and after the procedure compared to conventional surgery. There is virtually no bleeding, no risk of infection and the healing period can be a short as 3 days. Most procedures are quick as well.

The following are examples of procedures that can be treated with a soft tissue laser:

*Frenectomies- Tongue ties that cause problems in babies with nursing and feeding. Feeding difficulties may be a reason to consider early surgery to cut the lingual frenum and loosen the tongue. Sometimes the difficulties with a tongue tie become apparent once the children are a bit older. Problems with speech can start at 12-18 months. The tongue tie can be easily treated with a laser and together with speech therapy the speech issue can be resolved.

Thick upper lip connections causing a space between central incisors can also be treated in this fashion. Sometimes a thick frenum in the lip can interfere with proper denture fit.

*Removal of growths- biopsies

*Periodontal treatment- deep cleaning along with laser photo modulation can improve healing in cases of gum disease with deep pockets. The laser has antibacterial properties which help disinfect deep pockets and increase healing. Recontouring of the gum tissue for esthetic reasons or for crown or veneer preparations.

*Teeth Whitening

*Root canals- lasers can help sterilize the canals when root canal treatment is necessary due to an infection in the tooth.

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